A Stroke of Luck

A Stroke of Luck

An alternate view about cosmology and spirituality

June 2018


A “Stroke of Luck” is a term usually meaning, good luck.

You would think that having a stroke is bad luck. Whilst there were elements of what might be called bad luck, I consider myself very lucky. Having a stroke was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time.

Nearly three years ago, I suffered an ischemic (no brain bleeding) stroke which left my right side paralysed. Fortunately, I regained the use of my leg and now walk without a stick with a bit of a limp; facilitated with a shoe and calf splint. My right arm, hand and shoulder, is very compromised but continuing therapy and exercise is slowly retuning some use. Consequently, I am typing this with left index finger aided with a little finger/thumb spread to cover multiple keys. I also had/have some urinary bladder issues but probably no more than most 68-year-old blokes. Having lost the ability to drive a motor vehicle I remain mobile with the use of a scooter. I am not house-bound and can go all over with trams and trains.

Neurologically I lost little, so am as nutty as ever I was. Believing that our self-managed super fund was sufficient, I took early retirement 5 years ago. The decline in interest rates has changed that outlook somewhat but my wife still works and we own our home. You change your lifestyle to fit your income; besides we did a lot of cruising when times were better.

Chapter 1 – What’s so Lucky

The luck will become self-evident as I reveal how the stroke changed my life for the better.

Chapter 2 – The lucky Generation

I am a Baby Boomer, supposedly the luckiest generation ever. Baby Boomers were born of parents in the 15 years or so after the second world war. My parents were both born in the latter years of the first world war. As teenagers, they endured the hardships of the worldwide economic depression of 1929-1933, then had six years of the second world war forced on them. My father served in that war in France, North Africa, Palestine, Sicily, Italy and back to France. He met Australians during the war and liked them. What wasn’t to like? They had relegated their convict/colonial past to history, forgotten their mistreatment of the Aborigines and bragged about the Lucky Country. He decided to emigrate to Australia when circumstances allowed.

Emigration was delayed because they kept having children. At one stage my mother was looking after five under five. The more children you had the less likely you would be sponsored to Australia. Eventually the Catholic Church, having encouraged Catholics to have large families, sponsored us to Rockhampton in Queensland.

In January 1956, my parents, as ten-pound Poms and seven children in tow, set sail for Australia. Rockhampton turned out to be a bad choice. Work for a carpenter was inconsistent due to the seasonal nature of the biggest employer in Rockhampton; the Lakes Creek Meat works. Fortunately, my mother’s sister and family had emigrated some years earlier to Melbourne, Victoria. They were doing all right. My uncle was in the house building game.

Off we set for Melbourne and apart from stints in other states for employment, I find myself still here, some fifty years on. The eight children were bought up and educated at Catholic schools. I took the science and maths stream even though I secretly thought the arts stream was closer to my heart. If you did science, played football and cricket, you were thought of as normal. The arts students were different, even though lots of good lawyers and accountants would come out of that stream. I was a teenage Catholic boy who believed in God and regularly attended mass in the school chapel at lunch time. I found employment in the science field after matriculation and completed a tertiary qualification in biology over the next four years, part time.

Chapter 3 – Too much luck

I took on management positions in industry. My wife and I raised two children. With the help of my father, while he was still with us, I built our own home. As things get easier financially, one finds one’s self in a good paddock. This was not a good thing for me.

The dreaded demon drink, alcohol, has always been a problem for me. I could not control it. I had a constitution that could take quite a battering and bounce back. When first married, we could only afford cheap four litre wine casks. Then we graduated to two litre better quality varieties and eventually to bottled wine. I could drink any combination of beer, wine, spirits and fortified; and quite often did. My wife was happy with two glasses of wine. I think she would feel sick with more. There was a streak of larrikin in me. If there was trouble to be found I had a nose for it; all in good fun though.

By age sixty the tell-tale signs were beginning to appear. I was 45 kg overweight, had high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and raised cholesterol. Any suggestion about alcoholism was dismissed by me, although there were doubts privately held. How could I be an alcoholic? I held a responsible job. Never drank before midday and I could afford my addiction. A couple of times I had given it up for three and six-week stints; only to return as bad as ever. My family secretly were worried and probably disgusted. They realised that the answer resided with me and any attempt at discussion would be seen as nagging. The grog was killing me.

Chapter 4 – Admitting Alcoholism

Laying on my back in the hospital, four hours after my stroke, I was advised by a neurologist that: I had had a stroke and I could expect to get some use of my leg back but little use of my hand, arm and shoulder. They had administered clot busting drugs and I was considered stable. My speech was slurred but this improved over the next week. I had difficulty swallowing so had thickened water and pureed food. A catheter would need to be fitted as my bladder had packed up. An enlarged prostate had earlier necessitated an operation to remove the obstruction so I was familiar with the procedure. Little did I know of the difficulties ahead in the urinary area.

How could I have done this to myself?

There and then I admitted that I was an alcoholic and alcohol was to blame. I vowed and declared I would never drink again.

Two years on and I am true to my vow. Now there’s a stroke of luck!

Many people, of all ages and circumstances, suffer strokes. Some have no known medical problems, have a good diet, exercise well and have no substance addictions. That was not me. Alcohol was the cause. It was more than an exacerbating factor.

Giving up was easy. I was in rehab for three months with no access to alcohol. It would have made no difference. I gave up smoking, thirty years ago, in a similar fashion. It seems I am very good at abstinence, when I put my mind to it, but can’t handle control of a small amount. I think it’s referred to as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Psychological counselling was provided but, whilst appreciated, it was not needed. I had made up my mind. When I got home my wife had organised hand rails and wheelchair access. She did a great job having the bathroom completely renovated for disabled access. I don’t like the term disabled applied to my condition. Maybe it should be reserved for more disabled cases.

My family were worried about what was going to exercise my time now that I was home. In the early weeks, rehab home visits and then out patients rehab seemed to keep me occupied. Tiredness is an ongoing condition after stroke so I regularly took afternoon naps. A second stroke of luck was needed. It came from an unexpected source.

Chapter 5 – The Internet.

I do not read newspapers, listen to the radio or watch television. People say I must be uninformed. My reply is: I’d rather be uninformed than misinformed. I believe we have been and continue to be lied to by Governments, Religions, Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Regulatory Authorities. I am labelled a Conspiracy Theorist. I decide what is news and seek information about it on my computer using the internet. There are many hoaxes, scams and misinformation on the internet just like the Main Stream Media (MSM). I have a lot of time to spend on the internet. What a stroke of luck! This medium allows people to search for the truth rather than accept what we are served up as true. Conspiracy theories abound and are backed up by convincing U Tube clips. I was told at school not to keep questioning what is being taught. It’s what will be in the exams so you just need to accept it. Unfortunately, the same meme exists today in our, so called modern education system.

In the past two years, I have learned more about the world we live in from the internet than I ever learned in eighteen years of formal education. A whole new world has opened in areas as diverse as history, astronomy, archaeology, economics, government and finance to name a few. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How are questions asked since the dawn of creation. The answers to Kipling’s Helpers needs to be sought. You will not find them in the tripe we are dished up daily by the MSM. In short, we have been lied to and continue to be lied to.


Chapter 6 – A knock at the door

I dread answering the front door because you never know who it is. Usually it is someone selling new energy plans or religion. The one that is a real worry is the following.

Hello. I’m from the government and we are here to help you. Through our many levels of government and multiple agencies we have your wellbeing and happiness at heart. Do not think of our actions as interference as we are concerned for your freedom and your enjoyment of family life in a loving and peaceful world.

If you believe the above, then you probably believe the world started 14 billion years ago, with a Big Bang explosion that created everything from nothing, from a dot in time and space and continues to expand at an accelerating pace at the speed of light or greater. You also probably believe that human beings have monkeys as our ancestors per the Darwinian theory of evolution. Furthermore, you believe we live on a spherical, globe earth. This globe is spinning daily on a tilted axis at 1,000 mph at the equator and revolving yearly around the sun at 60,000 mph. This heliocentric solar system, comprised of the sun, planets and various moons, is speeding through our Milky Way galaxy at 500,000 mph and the whole lot is hurtling through the universe at 500 million mph proving the universe is infinite.

With all this whizzing around you can go outside on a calm day and not a hair on your head will be disturbed. This of course is because our atmosphere is velcroed to the spinning earth by gravity.

If your happy with all that, there’s probably not much point in reading further. Just in case you have a tiny doubt, and you want to humour me, let’s start again.

Hello. I’m from the government and we are here to screw you. We are a bunch of Psychopathic Elites. Through our many levels and numerous agencies our every thought is about our re-election and furthering our already inequitable share of wealth. We believe you to be eight billion useless eaters whose only use is as slave labour and tax providers.

We are evil. We have no interest in you or your family and plan to remove any freedom remaining by deceitful means. We will lie, cheat, steal and murder to achieve our goal of a New World Order(NWO). The NWO will herald one world government, military, currency, economy, banking system and one religion. Of course, that one religion will be Catholicism claiming to be Christian, run by the Vatican, with the pope as its visible head but all the time run by the Jesuits. A more satanic group could not be imagined. All world governments report to the Jesuits as do the plethora of secret societies, the Freemasons and Zionist Jews.

The current Cosmology has reduced mankind to an insignificant grain of sand in an infinite universe. He is possessed by materialism and lacks any sense of spirituality. Nobody cares what we do to our globe planet because we are assured by NASA, also run by the Jesuits, that a new abode is just around the corner with unlimited resources to plunder.

With the intelligence, we supposedly possess, how could we allow a relatively small number of evil beings to turn our world into what it has become.

We need to delve into history for an answer.

Chapter 7 – A little history

Cosmology is a branch of astronomy regarding the origins of the universe and its current form.

I have purposely delayed introducing the concept of an alternative cosmology because 99 percent of people are happy with the current view of the world and its origins. They think people who don’t share their view are nuts.

For 50 years, I was of the same view.

Remember, I was a good catholic boy who went to mass. Halfway through secondary schooling, I think in form four at age fifteen, the prescribed text for study was “The Copernican Revolution”.  This 1957 book by Thomas Kuhn, turned my world upside down and inside out.

I was totally confused. How could a catholic school be condoning a view of cosmology which was at odds with what was in the bible. God created the world, with a stationary earth at its centre and all the heavenly bodies revolving around it. Furthermore, he created man in his likeness. God always was, still is and always will be. Infinity of time and space explained!

By the time I left secondary school, having completed form six, I was an avowed atheist. The good catholic boy had turned into a satanic scientist. I respected people’s right to believe in God, especially my parents. For the next fifty years, my views on the world would not change.

The younger generation in my day were socially aware and politically active. I participated in marches against the Vietnam War; got myself arrested and was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond. Eventually I settled down, got married, had a mortgage and two children.

So, what happened in 1543 to change our cosmology. Why did the new Copernican heliocentric view become, eventually, so willingly accepted right up to the present day? For the answer to that we need to go further back, to ancient history.


Chapter 8 – Early history


The Sumerian civilisation is thought to be the oldest culture known, dating back 6,000 years. More recent discoveries are pushing this date further back. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is an example, going back over 10,000 years.  Australian Aboriginal rock art predates this but the Sumerians produced the first writing and preserved it in the form of Cuneiform text on kiln fired clay tablets. These tablets, along with other ancient writings, indicate cultures such as Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations had a good knowledge of cosmology and were contented with the concept of a flat stationary earth with the planets (wandering stars), the sun and moon together with the stars revolving above the earth as the centre of the universe. Eastern cultures embraced this system also.

There were some philosophers such as Pythagoras, who postulated the idea of a spherical earth, but the flat earth was not challenged until the sixteenth century, when in 1543, Copernicus introduced his heliocentric system.

For millennia, the flat, stationary model was considered sufficient to explain the observed movements of the celestial bodies. Man’s senses were satisfied with this model. Night and day, the seasons and solar and lunar eclipses could all be explained by a sun and moon being much smaller and closer than a globe model. In fact, Ptolemy accurately predicted eclipses for hundreds of years into the future.

Chapter 9 – Connecting the dots

I have come to this considered view of our cosmology after extensive reading on the internet. I did not wake up one morning, having had a dream, and become an idiot. I am an educated person who thinks a lot about Kipling’s helpers, referred to earlier. So here goes. I will spit it all out.

I believe in infinity. There is no beginning and there will be no end. Time and space are the creation of feeble minds. Despite our arrogance, boy do we have feeble minds. Thousands of species come and go. Creation, whether divine or otherwise, is a need of man not of nature. We created God not the other way around. The universe is Energy. Energy can exist in many forms; electromagnetic in a myriad of forms from visible light to gamma rays or solid matter.

Earth is the centre of the universe because our senses tell us that is the case. Anything else is a figment of our imagination and feeble minds. NASA has perpetuated the heliocentric myth of Copernicus and turned it into a religion. The so-called facts backing up this myth are more grandiose then the ancients’ paganism, their so-called ignorance and all the religions of the world.

Space only exists in NASA’s imagination, and we believe it. Everything about NASA is FAKE. It was created in 1958 at the time of the cold war between USA and the USSR. Born out of the Nazi rocket knowledge of the Second World War and boosted by President Kennedys unrealistic pledge to land a man on the moon before the end of the sixties decade.

We did not go to the moon and never will. In fact, the moon is not a solid object that you could land on. Like all celestial globular bodies, it is an eltromagnetic light source. And that includes our sun. What? The sun isn’t 4,000 times the size of earth! It isn’t 93 million miles away! It doesn’t burn hydrogen and helium in a nuclear reaction! But I like Big bangs and nuclear explosions. Sorry, the sun is much closer and smaller. It’s a converter of energy, from the universal realm, into forms that sustain life on our wondrous earth.

Next, you’ll be telling me that the space station, satellites and the space probes to the far reaches of the galaxy are all fake to. Afraid so. Throw in GPS and cell phones along with Google Maps. All these are land based systems supported by towers, high altitude balloons and undersea cables. The nearest they get to space is bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere. All the imagery from space is artistic impressions and computer-generated images(CGI). There are no real images that will stand up to photoshop investigation. I bet you can’t wait to hear where we came from and who we are.

For a few million years, our forebears lived in caves, wandered the earth and eeked out an existence, killing the odd animal before it killed them. They knew of fire because occasionally they would get their arses burned in a forest fire. The sum total of their inventions were stone tools and spears made out of flint. In short, they had made no more progress, in millions of years, than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping.

These early hominid forms are supposed to have evolved from apes; monkeys and chimpanzees. We are as much like apes as a mouse is like an elephant. Apart from being upright, bipedal and walking, there is very little similarity. Darwin stated that his theory of evolution was probably wrong if the intermediate forms between species could not be found in the fossil record. Despite years of searching and some famous fraudulent attempts, no such forms have been found.

Darwinian Evolution is just a theory, nothing more. Oh, I forgot to explain that by dismissing the sun as the massive centre of our solar system, we do away with Kepler’s elliptical orbits and Newtons gravity. What sacrilege. If you think that was left field, hang on to your hats. I am going to tell you Who we are and How we got here.

I have mentioned the Sumerian culture and civilization. This first culture popped up out of nowhere. All of a sudden, we had writing, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, engineering and a list of other things we regard as culture. Everything preserved for posterity, on fired stone clay tablets in cuneiform text. Throw in domesticated animals, plants and agriculture, the wheel to aid in getting around, and the transformation from Hunter Gatherer to modern man is complete.

And what do the clay tablets tell us? Human development was drastically changed by the coming to earth of aliens called the Annuniki. I prefer to call them extra-terrestrials because that’s where they came from; other lands. Not from outer space and another planet. Sure, they descended from heaven in the sky and came in craft befitting their advanced technology.

They first arrived 450,000 years ago, to mine gold to aid in fixing their atmosphere. They knew how to turn metallic gold into fine white powdered monatomic gold. We are using similar technology today; called chemtrailing. The exact purpose has not been disclosed nor approval sought.

After 250,00 years of mining gold in South Africa, they decided they needed some help. The hominids were unsuitable as slaves, not being able to carry out instructions. Their chief scientist, Enkil, was well versed with genetic engineering. After some failed attempts, he finally produced a hybrid using a combination of Annuniki and hominid genes. This resulted in homo sapiens having only 23 pairs of chromosomes compared to the apes with 24 pairs. Initially this hybrid was sterile but further manipulation resulted in the ability to breed. They bred well; evidenced by 7.8 million of us today.

So, modern man started in South Africa 200,000 years ago. This is supported by mitochondrial DNA evidence. He was bred for the sole purpose of mining gold as a slave. Now think about it! He had the much larger brain of the Annuniki and a body like a hominid. Would you make him as smart as you? Apparently not. We only use 10% of our large brain. Our senses of sight, hearing and smell operate in a narrower range than other animals. In short, we were not dealt the full deck of cards. We definitely received the jocker. Think of how stupid we are!  I can think of nothing more stupid than developing nuclear power for electricity generation before developing the technology to deal with the waste.

When it came to life span we were also short changed. The Annuniki lived for tens of thousands of years. This is evidenced in the Kings lists of their rule in Sumer. We were limited to a maximum of 120 years. There was interbreeding between the Annuniki and man. This resulted in Demi Gods. They were the holders of knowledge. The blood lines of these Demi Gods still exist today. They are the elite holders of knowledge. This knowledge is only slowly released to common man when the elite, figure out how to make money out of it. Good examples of this are: Why do we still use fossil fuels in internal combustion engines? Why do we still distribute electricity down copper wires supported on power poles? Both these examples are over 100 years old. We are reminded how smart we are by encouraging us with new gadgets to keep us dumbed down and servile.

Chapter 10 – Back to 1543

The Copernican model was not readily accepted. It had some serious problems, least of which was, it was not supported by the Catholic Church. This at first seems strange as the Church had encouraged/insisted that Copernicus should publish the doctrine. The Church moves in strange ways, often purposely confusing the masses with preaching good but practicing evil. The long-term position is always paramount. The mid sixteenth century was also the time of tremendous social, moral, religious, political and scientific change; the Renaissance.

Up until this time the Church was in the pinnacle position on the teachings of the Bible. The only translations were the copies it held. The scholars were all controlled by the Church. The authority of the Church and the Pope had not been challenged in 1500 years. The average man relied on the Church to reveal the teachings of the Bible.

Times were about to change and the position of the Church was about to be challenged. Henry VIII was challenging the pope over his marriage problems. The Jesuit Order was being formed. The Guttenberg printing press made printed copies of the Bible more available. Martin Luther was leading the Protestant movement.

The main gripe of the Protestants was the Pope granting indulgences in return for monetary contributions to the Vatican to provide the funds to complete Saint Peter’s Basilica. Sins were always forgiven. The stain of sin could be cleansed but indulgences were contrary to biblical teaching. If you did the crime you had to do the time. Penance had to be served. The Church had the Jesuits deal with the Protestants during the Reformation by burning thousands of the heretical believers at the stake. It mattered little if you were an Archbishop of Canterbury or a senior cleric. Heretics would be dealt with.

With the average man now reading biblical teachings for himself, the Church had to re-assert its authority. By introducing the heliocentric system, the Church began a 500-year crusade to be the main authority on man’s cosmology. In so doing they would do away with God, divine creation, the flat stationary earth as the centre of the universe and reduce mankind to an insignificant grain of sand in an infinite universe.

Newton invented Gravity to be the answer to all problems regarding the heliocentric system. This paved the way for Darwin’s Theory of evolution. Evolution paved the way for the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory was introduced in the twentieth century by a Belgian, Jesuit astrophysics priest.

Einstein has kept the whole madness going with his modern theories. It is amazing that this madness has been accepted without question, supported with a compliant education system.


Chapter 11 – In A Nut Shell

The universe is infinite Energy. This energy is expressed in various forms; solid matter, light etc. Solid matter is made up of atoms and sub atomic particles which are themselves almost 100% space. Hard to believe when you hit your finger with a hammer or bump your head on a concrete floor. All matter is vibrating at its own frequency. Nikola Tesla figured out the harmonies of the universe 100 years ago.

Our universe, the bit we live on, is a pond in an infinite sheet of ice with many other ponds. In the pond, there are islands of land; the continents. Our world, generally speaking, is in a Goldilocks Zone. From time to time we experience conditions which we find testing and must be endured. On a greater time scale our world can experience harsher conditions which may even result in species ending extinction events. Don’t worry about the pond. It’s not going anywhere. We are!

The current possible extinction event is the return of the planet Nibiru; supposedly the home of the Annuniki. This event supposedly happens every 3,600 years. It is so large compared to earth that even without crashing in to us, it will cause devastation on earth with an approach of within 10 million miles or more. Let’s stop there. Our heliocentric minds have already assigned an enormous elliptical orbit of 100’s of billions of miles. Remember I maintain all celestial bodies are electromagnetic in nature and stretched out above the infinite ice sheet. This thing could belong to a pond next door.

The intelligent design creator decides every 36 or 360 or 3,600 years to let this thing loose to do a bit of housekeeping on earth. The 000’s in Sumerian text are completely arbitrary.  Every visit is not the same. It depends on the position of the other celestial bodies; which are, remember, electromagnetic as well. Then we question this things ability to crash through the Firmament; the Dome which separates the waters above from the waters below. Maybe there are waters above. That would explain the bubbles in videos of space walks at the ISS.

The extra-terrestrials from a neighbouring pond decide to come to earth to mine gold. They eventually reveal to the local slaves, who they created, that the gold is needed to repair the atmosphere of where they live. This is the first of a never-ending stream of lies that continue for the next 8,000 years. They came to steal the gold. Now that we have them believing in alien gods we will introduce them to religion. This will occupy their feeble minds and keep them bickering amongst themselves in a state of permanent war. They won’t have time to realise the true nature of where they live. After all, the last thing we want is for them to discover the untold wealth in our lands. We don’t want to share that with this group of cretins; all 8 billion of them.

We found the female humans we created to be fair maidens and have interbred with them. This has resulted in a royal line of demi gods, to who we will reveal the secrets of the world. It is important that control of government and its agencies remains in their hands. This should not be difficult to achieve as they will own all the media, control the monetary system, have the politicians in their back pocket and have the judiciary beholden to them.

The masses will be placated by allowing a system called democracy. This will give the impression that every few years the masses get to choose the candidate of their choice. For those who don’t participate in this choice we will instigate sport and entertainment.

What if they find out the earth is flat and stationary? That could never happen. It would take some clown to use social media or create a U Tube clip to spill the beans!


Chapter 12 – What Now

And so you see I have come to doubt,

All that I once held as true,

I stand alone without beliefs,

The only truth I know is you.

Paul Simon

People often say: What does it matter?

Who cares who did 9/11? 4,000 souls were murdered on that day and nobody has been called to account. I care. We have been lied to.

I care about our cosmology. It is proper that we seek the answers. If we do nothing more than expose the lies then it will have been worthwhile.


Chapter 13 – An update

In February 2017 I wrote an article for my family, warning of the possibility of Nibiru returning and wreaking havoc on the earth. Some found it interesting, most thought I was bonkers. My advice was to have a plan the pillar of which was, to be able to seek higher ground. I have not changed my view. What has changed is my view of our cosmology. Whatever Nibiru is I don’t know. It is not a planet. It is a celestial body having an electromagnetic effect. Why these things happen we don’t know. Not knowing is not a crime. We don’t need to invent a fairy story to explain it. Just accept that the creator moves in inexplicable ways sometimes. The movement and alignment of the celestial bodies is ours to live with but not to fathom.

There is no doubt that something is causing a whole series of anomalies. In Australia, we certainly live in the Lucky Country. The weather here is generally ok, there are no active volcanoes, not many large earthquakes. Most people scoff at the idea that the current situation is nothing more than normal.

I monitor earthquakes, volcanoes and weather anomalies word wide, using the internet. Despite what we observe in Australia, all these things are on the increase in frequency and intensity. The MSM does not have much interest in reporting it.

The behaviour of the sun, its position at rise and sunset is cause for concern. These things are all predicted as a consequence of a celestial body entering our domain.

Chapter 14 – What’s It Matter; Who Cares

The utterance of the above phrase indicates you have got to second base, in your quest to enlighten your acquaintances with the reality, that the earth is not a globe whirling through space at breakneck speeds in three different directions. In case you’re wondering: first base is that lonely place you have occupied, being abused by everybody, for believing in such a preposterous idea. You will have been labelled a nut case, delusional, just plain stupid and any other derogatory description you can think of. You will have been told, not to come around here spreading that crap in front of the grandkids. You will have been reminded that you are an intelligent educated man, so why not turn your attention to something that matters. The list is of jibes is almost endless.

Second base is achieved because of your ability to rationally make arguments refuting the scientific facts put forward by proponents of the heliocentric globe model. Take for example the fact that boats or ships start to disappear over the horizon, hull first, in as little as four miles or more. This has been offered as the number one reason for the curvature of the globe, by university educated friends. On the one hand, the globe is so large that failure to observe curvature from an aeroplane at 40,000 feet is due to its massive size. You would need to go much further into space before curvature would become apparent. However, boats disappearing over the horizon is something you can observe on a calm day by going down to the beach and using one of your senses, sight. You may not see curved water but the effect of the curve is demonstrated by the boat disappearing. Case closed – not so fast.

The mathematics of curvature of a globe of approximately 4,000 miles radius is not very complicated. It is based on Pythagorean geometry of right angled triangles. Globers and Flat Earthers agree on the mathematics. Put quite simply a boat, three miles from the observer on the beach should drop six feet over the curve, observed at sea level. I have a spread sheet that calculates the curve for increasing distances. My spread sheet makes allowances for the height of the observer. This has a marked impact at small distances. Most observations at the water’s edge are done using a camera on a tripod at eye height, say six feet. Allowing for the observer’s height: a boat at 4, 5 or 6 miles will be below the observer’s sight, 2, 7 or 13 feet respectively. Seems like science has proved the curvature so the earth is a globe. There is just one snag. Human vision is fairly limited and needs some help. Let’s aid our eyes with the zoom of the camera, binoculars or a modest telescope. Voila!

Our disappeared boat is magically brought back into view, hull and mast. We are now introduced to the concept of refraction. Light is bent as it travels from one medium to another. Also, temperature inversion in the same medium, air, will show refraction. We are all familiar with the pencil in a glass of water apparently bending as it goes from air to water. So, you can see around corners. Refraction is a consideration but I think it is overdone, particularly as the distances get larger and the curvature greater. I have a local beach that looks out over a bay of 35 miles. Over the other side is a small mountain range – hills of 750 feet high. The curve calculator tells me the hills should be below 793 feet of curvature. On a clear, calm day I can see them with the naked eye and if I bring them into view with camera zoom, you would swear I was driving on the other side of the bay.

Well mister smarty pants what’s your explanation. Apart from the fact that the earth is flat, allow me to introduce you to the concept of perspective and vanishing point. Any first-year student of art will have learnt this early on. You don’t have to have studied art to grasp this point. Look down a long straight road or railway line. Notice how the poles on either side appear to be getting smaller and converging to a single point. Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation, supported by your senses, is usually correct. After a few more feeble attempts to support the globe concept you realise you’re getting close. Well if its flat, why can’t you see Mount Everest from the southern hemisphere. Got you there. It’s because it’s on the other side of the globe. No, it’s because it’s too far away. Wait for it. Well what’s it matter? Who cares anyway?

You are now faced with a dilemma. Resist all attempts to belittle your occupier of second base. He will be in denial. Encourage him to seek further ideas, questioning our cosmology. You want him to get to third base and eventually a home run. The question of Who Cares has to be addressed. He’s right. The shape of the earth will make no difference to everyday life. Nothing changes. We still have to, pay the mortgage, educate the kids, go to work and do a myriad of other mundane everyday tasks.

The thing you can’t escape is we have been lied to on a monumental scale. This begs two questions. What else have we been lied to about and Why? Should we care and what can we do about it? NASA has spent over three trillion dollars over the last sixty years. Could this money have been better spent. The answer is obvious.